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Can Diet Affect Psoriasis?

The autoimmune disorder known as “psoriasis” produces symptoms that include drying, scaling, itchy skin. The “plaques” (patches) of red, scaly skin that are characteristic of this chronic condition result from a quicker-than-normal production of skin cells. While topical and oral medications can help slow down skin-cell growth, relieve irritation, and reduce inflammation, limited sun exposure may also help by increasing the production of vitamin D. While there is little scientific proof that diet can play a role in reducing the symptoms of psoriasis, there is some suggestion that weight loss might help because psoriasis has been linked to obesity. And because psoriasis has also been linked with “celiac disease,” it may also help to exclude gluten-containing foods from the diet.


Psoriasis can be related to a number of factors that can be controlled through taking vitamin supplements, addressing one’s diet, etc. A thorough examination by a board-certified dermatologist can yield an individualized treatment plan.

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