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Looking for New Moles

While everyone is urged to regularly examine his or her skin for suspicious moles and lesions, those with fair skin and/or a history of sunburn should be particularly vigilant. Recent research supplements this self-examination recommendation with the finding that moles that have most recently appeared pose more of a melanoma threat than existing moles. After reviewing 38 studies involving 20,126 cases of melanoma, researchers found that while only 29% of melanomas arose from an existing mole, 71% appeared on the skin as new spots of aggregated “melanocytes” (the melanin-producing cells from which melanoma cells spring). While it is important, therefore, to monitor existing moles for suspicious changes that could be indicative of melanoma, new spots should also be scrutinized.   

If you have any suspicious moles, feel free to go to our home page to requestappointment. 

P.S. Any existing mole that suddenly starts to bleed or change in size should be immediately reported to the dermatologist.

Dr. Michael Freeman

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