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Scar Issues

            When a skin injury only involves the “epidermis” (top layer of skin), a new layer of skin will simply form to replace it. However, if the damage extends down into the “dermis” (the thick layer of tissue beneath the epidermis), the body will produce “collagen” (the main structural protein found in skin) to heal the wound. Because collagen is thicker and less flexible than regular skin tissue, it may produce a scar. Although these scars usually flatten over time, some may remain raised (“hypertrophic scars”) and, in rare cases, may even grow larger than the original wounds, as is the case with “keloid” scars. Treatments for problematic scars include covering them with silicone gel sheets and corticosteroid injections.  To discuss your scar issues, click on the "Request an Appointment" button at the top of the page.  


Dr. Michael Freeman

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