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Surgical Procedures


We provide our patients with the most advanced and comprehensive dermatologic care available. In addition to offering a wide range of medical dermatology procedures, we are also highly skilled and experienced in dermatologic surgery.

Some of our surgical services include:

Mole/Growth Removal

We offer many different mole removal services. We can freeze, cauterize (burn), scalpel excise (cut), snip excise (cut), or scrape with electro desiccation, your growth or mole off. If your mole is non-cancerous, there is no need to remove it other than for aesthetic purposes. If your mole has un-even edges or you notice it is growing in size, please come in to have it biopsied. We will determine if it is cancerous and needs to be removed.

Excision of Non-Melanoma Skin Cancers

Non-melanoma skin cancers, such as basal cell or squamous cell skin cancers may be excised. These cancers arise from excessive sun exposure. Once detected, they can be surgically removed.

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